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Discover Montenegro with us

The wonderfull and partially hilly coastline with its outstanding landscape and the Montenegro backdrop are truly unique. We have discovered several contigous kite spots in Montenegro.

Ada Bojana is located in south of Montenegro at the borders of Albania. Ada means as much as Island and Bojana is the river sourronding it. Kite surfing on the sides of Montenegro is spectacular. Ulcinj ist the closest City. It takes you roughly 10 Minutes from there to Ada Bojana, where most of the kite spots are located.

Our Spot in Montenegro

Next to town streches the 13 km sandy beach. This is the longest beach at the eastern adrian coastline. We`re located on this fine beach. The constantly blowing sea breeze wind starts before midday and blows until the evening hours. Given the shallow waters and 15- 25 knots this provides very relaxed conditions to learn kiting or to improve your skills.

Of course travelling by your own car is possible. On each of our spots we offer complete packages including airport transfer, accommodation for every budget, training or rental of the latest Duotone Kiteboarding equipment and of course a great time with commited people.

Discover with us the best sides of Montenegrowe are waiting for you.

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